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Never Jordinary is a blog started by Jordan Hinsch, a native New Yorker and travel enthusiast.  

Jordan wasn't aware of his passion for traveling until a later age.  Working a full-time job for the same company for 6 years at the time was comforting, but there was something missing.  In late 2016, he got the travel bug while living in Long Beach, NY and it went in to full effect when he relocated to sunny Miami, FL.

Jordan enjoys mental exercises and is a firm believer of the phrase "Never Run out of First Times".  The name Never Jordinary was created to hopefully remind readers to make an effort to never live an ordinary life.  This doesn't mean sky diving or hiking to the top of volcano, but more importantly trying new things and always boosting your endorphins.  

He has a particular interest in travel, photography, outdoor adventures, and lifestyle genres.  His background in luxury travel has aided his ability to plan trips.  Specializing in curated itineraries for travelers in a time crunch, Jordan has  curated thoughts on how to maximize your time while traveling.

Never Jordinary is Jordan's passion project, gaining more and more traction each day.  On this blog, you'll find advice, tips, itineraries, photography, and stories sprinkled in with some restaurant reviews and private jet experiences.  Take a look around the website and maybe you'll find some inspiration for your next trip.

Disclaimer: All photos and ideas belong to Jordan Hinsch unless otherwise noted.

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